All Sorts are serious about offering you a premium health club membership on a fortnightly payment plan. This membership offers you access to the Boxing Gym only – no Main Gym Access until they turn 14 and go onto a regular Student DD.

*Fortnightly Membership, please note this membership carries a fortnightly fee of $15.00 per fortnight and the purchase is for the first fortnightly pro-rata fee.

Cancellation and Suspension Policy

Right of Cancellation: Membership must be cancelled in writing and on a Cancellation Form. Upon cancellation the member account shall be debited one final debit on the next billing date. Membership rights are held 30 days after the final debit.

Suspension: A total of up to 90 days suspension can be applied in any calendar year, if notified in advance, and in writing.
All Sorts Fitness reserves the right to cancel this membership at any time, at its discretion, without notice, and remove access privileges. No memberships will be transferable.

*Must produce student ID on first visit.